• Complete $ 10 million dollar Historic redevelopment with complete new build out
  • Ground Floor Retail Space Available Now
  • 2nd & 3rd Story Residential Spaces - 23 Apartments Total
  • LEED Certified facility
  • New high efficiency mechanical and electrical systems
  • Second and third floor apartments in 3 story 30,000 SF development
  • Front and rear store fronts
  • Complete new street scapes
  • Exterior seating available
  • Full basement storage (clean, fire suppressed, climate controlled)
  • (direct or indirect store access)
  • 1 dedicated “no charge” parking space per suite for store manager
  • Served in rear by Kalamazoo’s busiest parking lot #9

Download Printable Flyer (PDF) Download Printable Flyer (PDF)

1 Mile3 Mile5 MileTrade Area
Average Income$35,617$45,172$49,619$61,095
Average Age32343635
(Source: Claritos '08)
Area College Student Population: 37,889
(Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Valley College, Davenport College)
Kalamazoo Library1,000,000+
Four-Star Radisson Plaza Hotel & Restaurant600,000+
Downtown Festivals and Arcadia Festival Site450,000+
Kalamazoo Valley Museum130,000+
Epic Center100,000+
Kalamazoo Valley Community College 11,000+